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Products and Services

1 hour Kinesiology Session                                               $125.00

1 Hour Kinesiology Session plus flower essence                $140.00

1 Hour Kinesiology Session plus e-mail summary              $140.00

1  1/2 Hour session                                                                  $185.00

 30 minute follow-up session                                                  $75.00
Free Conference Call is always available. Get an audio copy of the session.   

It's In Your Face - The True You Revealed 
208 page face reading adventure!   
$24.95 plus $6.00 shipping & handling - $30.95     

30 minute Face Reading Session - $70

Flower Essences -

Individual Australian Bush Flower Essence - $12 plus $3 shipping

2 Individual ABFE - $25 (includes shipping)

Combination Australian Bush Flower Essence -
$15 plus $3 shipping

15 minute consultation and flower essence - $50.00



It's In Your Head - Unlocking the Secret to a Balanced Brain

This 40 page workbook is designed to offer simple yet powerful energy exercises that enhance your ability to approach life from a whole-brain perspective. Included are re-patterning exercises that increase your ability to access all parts of the brain thus decreasing stress, increasing your ability to think and focus and making learning anything easier. These exercises are perfect for supporting your child's learning ability as well.

Click to read: Table of Contents

The ABC's of Energy Exercises

This workbook contains energy exercises and self-care techniques from A to Z to help you maintain better balance in your life. All exercises are easy to do, require minimum time and support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Click to read: Table of Contents

Buy It's In Your Head and receive The ABC's of Energy Exercises for free - $15 

The A,B,C's of Energy Support - Flower Essence Edition

This latest eBook is focused on the healing properties of flower essences. Included in the book are flower essences from Australia, The Bach collection, Tree Frog Farm, Green Hope Farm and the Alaskan essences.

References are given if you want to obtain more information, as this is an ABC flower essence overview.

Click below to read a PDF of the Table of Contents:

Keep it SIMPLE Silly - Essential Thoughts, Techniques and Knowledge to Make Life Easier

This 65 page book contains articles about face reading, brain hemisphere integration, stress management tools and so much more.

Buy the ABC'S of Energy Support and get Keep It Simple Silly for free - $15


Mentoring Special: Design a program of study with me that meets your learning needs. Take your business to the next level!!

1 1/2 Hours for $165, receive an extra 15 minutes
3 Hours for $330.00, receive an extra 1/2 hour
4 1/2 Hours for $495.00, receive an extra hour

6 Hours for $660.00, receive an extra 1 1/2 hours

  To schedule a consultation, call Ginger at: 603-964-1813

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