Ginger Bisplinghoff, RN, BS - Options To Health
Phone Sessions with Ginger
Ginger works exclusively on the phone. This invaluable tool of "long distance" or surrogate muscle testing allows Ginger to access information from your energy system and assist you in identifying and releasing energy blocks that are keeping you from attaining your full potential physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Ginger's clients call from Canada, France, Italy, England, Qatar, Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, Munich, Thailand, Turkey and other interesting places in the world.
                               How does it work?
1.  Sessions are 1 hour -  scheduled by either emailing or calling Ginger.
2.  Call Ginger at the appointed time.
3.  Sessions are $125 for a one hour session. (Go to Products and Services for more options.)
4.  Credit cards (Visa, Master Card and Discover) and Pay Pal are  accepted.
5.  Kindly give 24 hour's notice if you need to reschedule.
             "It was amazing. Changed my life."  Taylor, age 12

"There's only one corner of the Universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self."              
                                                          Aldous Huxley
Ginger Bisplinghoff   603-964-1813
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