Ginger Bisplinghoff, RN, BS - Options To Health
 Mentoring Program
"A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out."
                   Bob Proctor
                    Author, Speaker & Success Coach

This mentoring program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to work with Ginger, personally and/or professionally. Each session is geared toward your specific goals and objectives and takes into account all of your previous study, experience and expertise. The specifics of your program are determined in the free consultation with Ginger. The mentoring program can be done via phone consultation or in person.

Don't let distance stand in the way of reaching your full potential.

What are possible topics for study?

*Developing Muscle Testing skills personally/professionally.
*  Learning about Flower Essences:
    - the Doctrine of Signatures of flowers;
    - how they are created;
    - how to use them for healing and prevention;
    - how to incorporate them into an existing modality.
*  Discovering Face Reading for:
    - improving relationships with self and significant others;
    - improving productivity, communication and respect.      
 *  Learning Energy Exercises for:
    - ADD/ADHD;
    - Learning disabilities;
    - Centering/grounding;
    - Improved performance in all areas - physical, mental, 
      emotional, spiritual
    - Health, prevention and wellness
*  - Supporting teens in discovering their career path;
*  - Finding new directions for empty-nesters;
*  - Organizing and promoting your business;
*  - And more.

                              Mentoring Special
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1 1/2 Hours   $165 (receive an extra 15 minutes worth $30)
3 Hours          $330 (receive an extra 1/2 hour worth $55)
4 1/2 Hours   $495 (receive an extra hour worth $110)
 6 Hours          $660 (receive an extra 1 1/2 hours worth $165)
Call Ginger with questions or to set up a free consultation time:
603-964-1813 or e-mail at:
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