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Flower Essences
The use of flower essences can be traced back thousands of years with many cultures using them to treat emotional health and well-being.
In 1930, Dr. Edward Bach created 39 flower essences that are still being used today.  He believed that physical symptoms in the body were a result of disharmony on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
Ian White, Naturopath, Herbalist and creator of the Australian Bush Flower Essences describes flower essences as vibrational therapy for humans and animals.
Flower essences are wonderful gifts from nature that help you to heal and strengthen your electrical energy system when it is out of balance.  They help you cope with stressful situations while giving you an opportunity for clarity and self-healing. 
Are Flower Essences safe?
Flower essences are completely natural.
They are safe and free from side-effects, adjust to the needs of the individual and will not interfere with any other treatment methods.
Children, adults and animals all benefit from the vibrational healing properties of a flower essence.
How are Flower Essences taken?
Flower essences are taken by placing drops under the tongue, in water or on the palms of the hand.
They can be taken as needed, (example, Rescue Remedy), for 2 weeks or as prescribed by a practitioner.
Some of the Australian Bush Flower Essences come in the form of a mist or cream.
Why should you take a flower essence?
Ian White says of the Australian Bush Flower Essences:
"We are all functioning on beliefs and emotions which may not necessarily be helpful to us.  By changing our thoughts and beliefs we can relieve stress which then can ultimately restore health."
Ginger has studied with Ian White and his staff and is an Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner and Teacher.

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